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SMART kapp iQ

SMART kapp iQ: The Interactive Display Reimagined

Using your SMART kapp iQ™ capture board, you can capture notes and ideas, present information and collaborate with others in simple but powerful ways.

Connect a Bluetooth®-enabled mobile device to the capture board by scanning the Quick Response (QR)
code on the capture board’s screen. When you first connect your mobile device, you’re directed to the Apple App Store or Google Play™ to download the SMART kapp® app. After installing the app, you can connect
to your capture board and share notes with others. You can write notes in black or red ink using the provided pens and erase notes with the pens’ erasers or with your palm or fist.

The capture board’s 4K ultra-high-definition resolution display provides optimal image clarity and viewing
from any angle.


Whiteboard meets display

SMART kapp iQ isn’t just a whiteboard. It’s the world’s best 4K-enabled display and includes:

  • Silktouch™ technology – The most accurate, natural, and responsive touch experience from corner to
  • Pen iQ™ – Write independently and simultaneously, using differently colored digital ink.
  • Object awareness™ – The display differentiates between a finger, pen or palm, so you can touch, write
    and erase naturally.
  • 4K Ultra HD resolution –  Commercial-grade, glare-free LED panels brilliantly display detailed 4K content,
    as well as support HD and SD content

Multi-way sharing

All remote participants can write on the display in real-time from any device. Different ink colors make ideas come alive and help identify contributions.


Connect any Android or iOS device to SMART kapp iQ and you can share and save in real time to any connected laptop, tablet, smartphone or other SMART kapp iQ display.

Connect using the SMART kapp app

Connect with the display through the SMART kapp app in a single step using a QR code. Only one person needs to connect. Once you’re connected, share the meeting with participants in the room or across the
globe for multi-way sharing, capturing and saving.


Host live sessions between multiple SMART kapp iQ displays across remote locations. Anything written or shared on SMART kapp iQ is viewable on connected displays, and participants are able to share right back.

Sizing options

SMART kapp iQ is available in two popular sizes: 55″, 65″ and 75″ (diagonal), perfect for presenting or collaborating in meeting rooms, break out spaces, offices, lecture halls or classrooms.

Quick install

Plug it in and let the brainstorming begin. Installation is quick and easy, with no IT integration required.

Auto startup

SMART kapp iQ powers-up automatically thanks to state-of-the-art Proximity Detection that can instantly
sense the presence of users. No cables or remotes, and no wasted time.

Up to 250 participants

After you connect, a URL is immediately created for your session. Send the link to whomever you’d like to
have join, and they’ll see the content on their display as it unfolds on kapp iQ. Up to 250 participants may join
a session with the SMART kapp Plus subscription.

Save and share notes

Any participant can capture and save notes as snapshots (JPEG or PDF), and store them within the app or
on Evernote™ for archival and easy distribution.

Data security by design

Any content you share live via the session URL is deleted when you disconnect from the display. With the
Plus app, your organization gains the added protection of a secure PIN code for each session.


For further information download our PDF


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